We can provide different lesson styles for entirely different experiences.

There is something to fit every schedule and budget, from romantic Waltz to spicy Mambo to enegergetic Swing.

If you have questions about what we can offer, or what might be best for you, please do not hesitate to call or email us

Group Lessons

Socialize and enjoy the fun of learning to dance in a friendly environment. Our group classes are designed to teach students the general principles of social dancing.

Anybody at any age, couples or singles, can attend group dance classes.

Classes are 60 minutes in length, and are scheduled weekly. (Calendar)

Private Lessons

Get personal, individualized, instruction in the dances that interest you the most. Learn new steps, polish your technique, and move at your own pace as you work independently, as a single or couple, with your instructors.

Lessons are 60 minutes in length, and scheduled by appointment.

Wedding Package Special

To make your first dance as a couple even more memorable, why not learn a few new moves so you feel confident on the dance floor?

We can help you learn a dance to your favorite song by creating a short routine for you. Or, if you like, we can help you find a song and dance style that will be a perfect fit for your big day.

60 minutes lessons, scheduled by appointment.

Private Group Lessons

If you have 4 or more people interested, you can book group lessons with us...

Lessons can vary in length and are by appointment only. Call or e-mail to schedule your group.

Competition and Showcases

Interested in competing or dancing a fun routine in a showcase setting?

We can prepare you to participate as an amateur couple or in the pro-am category in the DVIDA program. We will help you become comfortable dancing a short routine that we will also choreograph for you, work to polish your technique, and boost your confidence overall as dancers.

Youth Program (Children 7-12, Youth 12-17)

Our mission: To help youth achieve their potential through dance and instill in them a love and appreciation for dance that can last a life time.

Classes will help introduce children to the magical world of dancing and allow them to express their creativity through dance movements.

While having fun, kids learn dance steps, dance holds, how to dance with a partner, and proper behaviour and etiquette for the dance floor.

60 minute lessons. Call / email for availability.